‘No Chick Flicks’ Review of Captain America: Civil War (PG13) 2016

Captain America: Civil War (PG13) 2016

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but at least I made it. (You can thank D-Brew for that. I wanted to see the Conjuring sequel.)

Captain America: Civil War starts off with a back story that leaves you feeling like you accidentally started an Avenger’s movie somewhere in the middle. It eventually explains itself, don’t worry. There is some bouncy camera work during the initial fight scenes, but they still manage to be mesmerizing. Especially the scenes involving Scarlet Johansen. (Hello, girl crush.)

The story is a little less “comic book” than the others in the series. It almost feels like you are taken completely out of the Marvel Universe for a moment and placed in the real world. The Avengers that are represented in Civil War face real consequences for once, and it puts a very political spin on the Avengers team as a whole. Seriously, did you ever sit back during one of the other movies in the franchise and think, “How on Earth are they getting away with this without charges and paperwork?” This movie covers that.

If I’m being entirely honest, it took a while for this one to wow me. There was a lot of set up before the actual “meat” of the film. The audience gets to delve deeper into the lives of the Avengers, specifically Captain America (it is his movie, after all,) and during that time I was grateful for the constant humor and eye candy.  (Thank you, Scar-Jo and RDJ.) Speaking of which, remember Robert Downey Jr. from his days in the Brat Pack? If you need your memory freshened, he steps into a figurative time machine for one scene and it’s amazing. Also, at times, you forget that Tony Stark is that cocky smart ass every Avenger loves to hate. He actually shows REAL emotions when his conscience catches up with him.

Once everything really kicks off, you get to see more characters added into the fold. Black Panther makes his debut, and a very baby faced Spiderman is “introduced.” We welcome back Paul Rudd as Ant Man, and he is hilarious as usual. The banter between the characters is perfectly dry and entertaining, and makes up for the slow moving plotline. Frankly, the whole story is a mess in a colossal sense. It makes you wonder if there is true justice at stake or simply blind loyalty between Steve and Bucky. It seems more like a high school argument than the fate of the world being at risk.

My favorite part of this entire movie was the gratuitous Stark-mobile at the end. That sexy ass Audi R8 V10 was the prettiest thing on screen. (Sorry, Scarlet. I may actually have a shot with the car.) And, of course, this being a Marvel movie, there was a sequel set up at the end. Just sit through the credits and you’ll see.

D-Brew may knock me down a peg or two for this, but this wasn’t my favorite in the Avengers series. It had its moments, and sure, it was entertaining, but it felt like it was missing something. The whole time I kept waiting to get swept away, but I never did. Oh well, I’m still adding the Blu-ray to my collection.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/5 stars

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