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Hey all after debating whether or not to come back to this network or podcasting in general. So I sat around the house and last weekend I picked up Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-Ray and as I was watching it. A Thought occurred to me. This film isn’t TOTALLY too bad. Don’t get me wrong its got flaws, but the acting isn’t too horrible the cinematography is great. Anyway I found myself talking through it and thus it hit me. My own Fan Film Commentary!!!

How this works? Simple if you own a copy of the film you simply play it and have this audio track talk you through it. I give out trivia, interesting information, and theories surrounding the DC Movie Universe. Since this is a 3 hour film I’ve divided it into Two separate parts. This is from the beginning of the film all the way to the end of the Senate Sequence.

So without further ado here is Part 1 to my Commentary of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Part 2 comes out tomorrow.

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