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The PWA Show is over. Man those words are still difficult to type. Its even more difficult to sound in my head. What I did there over 2 years was certainly some of my best and worst work as one of those multi-talented assholes I hate hearing describe themselves. I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been mostly quiet on the subject, save for a mini unprepared rant on Loud and Obnoxious (Episode 107). Then again except for the articles I was mostly quiet anyway. I always felt that was more my internet nature you might say. I suck at improvising and even worse at thinking fast. I’m sure those are excellent qualities for dating material (there you go D-Brew happy?). Ah yes I dwell off the subject.

As I said in the first line The PWA Show is over. That’s fine I keep telling myself. However since I was given the news I have barely watched any wrestling altogether. Even those ROH TVs I was front row at. I had the idea to just copy paste those articles over to Men Rule, but it just felt wrong. They’re still here on this laptop, but I don’t want to show them to anyone. This must be what a breakup feels like. If so I never want to go through one with a fellow Human being.
I could go on a tirade like one of my Idols Jim Cornette profane laced well articulated and completely insane, but that’s not me. I could be like my Radio Mentor D-Brew and call everyone out not caring what happens next, kinda did that still not me. I could be like Jon Ward, but having just one opinion sucks worse than Monica Lewinsky. Also its still not me. So that begs the question What makes Me well ME?

Its a very interesting question that I can answer in a whole lot of other ways. I could tell you about my interests; American Football, Video Games, Professional Wrestling, Old Music, Movies, Trivia, History. What about my stances on political subjects?, What about my views on religion? There’s almost a plethra of information I’d enjoy talking about and passing on to others. I can even do it from what I’d like to call my “ALTAR OF ANTI-SOCIALISM” (Copyright pending)

So yea for the third time I type this The PWA Show is dead. It’s being replaced by the Intern of Loud and Obnoxious in his quest to either Understand or Take Over. Either way you see it. It still has the same meaning.

Halfpint Vs The World.

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