WGNS Radio Host Adam Pewitt

Adam Pewitt is a co-host on The Adam and JP Show. After hosting the podcast version of the show for about two years, the two were lucky enough to make the jump to radio. The show is unique for radio in that it’s topics are geared toward the geeks. Their discussions and segments include video games, wrestling, movies, comic conventions, and even the occasional Brony talk. We first met these guys back in October 2011 at the Nashville Comic and Horrorfest and have watched (or listened to rather) their show progress ever since.

We pretty much covered anything and everything geeky that you can in around 30 minutes. We discussed being a 60 year old gamer and how 20 years ago no one could have imagined that, Nintendo, games going digital, Digital Rights Management and how DRM affects the person who buys the game, Bronies, Furries, Vine, and Instagram.

We also discuss Adam’s love for the Incredible Hulk, his Avant-Garde Hulk, the different versions of movie Hulks, and the new Creed movies that are going to take the Rocky franchise in a new direction – is that a good idea? The three of us discuss movie franchises and whether or not we want to see more of our favorite movies made or not.

Adam also tells us his awesome Golden Corral story which leads us to discussing a possible Golden Corral podcast.

Find Adam on Twitter: @adampewitt @adamandjp

Facebook: AdamandJp

Website: AdamandJP.com

You can also listen to The Adam and JP show via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on the WGNS app. Or if you are in the Nashville area you can listen to WGNS on 100.5, 101.9, or 1450 a.m. from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. every Saurday.

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