Artist Dixie Gers

This week we got a chance to speak with artist, jewelery maker, horror fan, and convention connoisseur Dixie Gers of The Rat Tail. We first met Dixie at 2012’s Comic and Horrorfest here in Nashville. Dixie travels the mid-south going from con to con selling her jewelery and meeting and befriending all of the celebs she comes in contact with including Theo Crane from The Walking Dead.

When we talked to her she was in Louisville for Fandomfest. Guests this year included Gene Simmons and Norman Reedus. Korey tells a story about Gene that you don’t want to miss. Dixie will try to confirm it while she is in the building with the KISS front-man.

Along the way we discuss horror films including Slither, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Conjuring, the new Evil Dead, VHS and Cabin in the Woods. We also talk about watching tv in creepy 80’s vans, living the convention life, the 80’s tv show V, Robert Englund (is he a jerk?), and of course Dixie’s company The Rat Tail, which is handmade accessories and art.

Follow Dixie on twitter: @therattailnash

Buy her accessories on Etsy:


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