Interview with Chris Czynszak of Decibel Geek Podcast


The Decibel Geek is a podcast that was conceived in late 2010 when Chris Czynszak was inspired by a number of different podcasts from the comedy & music worlds. Drawing upon his history of interviewing regional and national artists for previous music websites and his nearly obsessive love of rock and heavy metal history, he set out to create his own niche in the podcasting world that would, hopefully, entertain rock and metal fans from across the globe.  The debut episode of the show (entitled ‘Episode Zero – An Introduction’) launched on April 19th, 2011. Interest picked up with Episode 1, an in-depth rock discussion with well-known rock journalist Mitch Lafon followed by a series of episodes with notable Nashville-area entertainment industry members. The floodgates opened, however, with the release of the 2-part Vinnie Vincent Special on July 4th. The show has continued to be a success from there.

On this episode of This is Nashville Korey and Dave talk with Chris, Czynszak, 1/2 of the Decibel Geek Podcast. The guys discuss Chris’s love for KISS and how he got involved with Podcasting.  Along the way, the end up talking about the future or Radio, the future of New Media, the future of Podcasting, and a ton of other topics.  Also find out what Korey thinks of KISS and Chris tells the world what makes KISS different from Motley Crue.

Find the Podcast/Blog at and also on Twitter at @DecibelGeekPodand Facebook as well.

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