Interview with Adam Prince, Nashville’s Batman

What possesses a man to dress up as a Bat and fight crime?  That’s a question that Batman, the comic book series has been asking for years.  On this episode of This is Nashville, Korey and Dave try to find out what possesses Adam Prince to dress up as Batman.  Adam Prince is Nashville’s Best Cosplay Batman by far.  If you’ve been to a Convention, odds are you might have seen him.   He also works for a website, Dark Knight News, which is a Site for all things about Batman.

The guys also discuss an array of Superhero movies, including The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Man of Steel, Green Lantern, and Daredevil. They also try to figure out who the Justice League Movie is going to work out and is it going to be good?

Plus Adam talks about attending Conventions and Children’s Charity Events as well, dressed as a superhero Icon.

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