Interview with Author Travis Bibb

This episode features an interview with Travis Bibb author of Mockingbird Hill.  Mockingbird Hill is a novel that centers around a small town mortician named John Campbell and his best friend Sheriff Greg Sanderson as their small town of Erwin Tennessee is terrorized by a serial killer who is brutally slaughtering townsfolk. It is set in October of 1975. Both John and Greg are pushed to their limits and must cope with despair as it manifests in various ways throughout the fall season.

Korey and an under the weather Dave discuss the following with Travis:

– The Details of getting Published
– Physical vs Online Sales
– Possibility of Producing Audio book Version
– Working the Convention Scene
– Researching the book
– synopsis of the Book
– Being A Fan of Horror Films

Find out more about Mockingbird Hill by following Travis on Twitter at @Mockingbird1313 and like the Facebook as well at

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