Interview with Glenn Weiss, Angel, and Goldie of Thong Girl Films

We first met Glen Weiss at the Nashville Comic and Horror Festival in 2011.  At the time Glenn was standing next to a girl wearing a red cape and a red skimpy outfit, that girl was Thong Girl. Thong Girl ™ is Nashville , Tennessee’s first authentic crime fighting superhero. She is the product of the warped imagination of writer/director Glen Weiss. Originally intended as a four-minute skit for Glen’s other wacky cable access creation “Stubby’s Place” Thong Girl blossomed into a comic book, followed by a twenty minute short film, followed by another comic book, then a feature film, and then a thirty page graphic novel until VOILA! a franchise was born!

Glenn is now taking the series to the internet and creating a Web series called: Thong Girl Vs. Xolta from Outer Space.

Dave and Korey interviewed the newest Thong Girl: Angel Sterling about how she got the role and what she expects from the experience. Glenn was there and also talks more about the story behind the new web series.

After that, the guys chat with Goldie,  who will be playing the role of Xolta in the series. When Korey and Dave talked with Goldie, she was painted blue from head to toe.  They talk to her about that experience and how she got involved in the series.

Web Page:
Facebook: ThongGirl

Twitter: @ThongGirlFilms 

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