Interview with bree

Who is bree?? Her website says this: In a world where much of rock has lost its passion in a soulless sterility of studio smoke and mirrors comes bree – a 23-year-old religious cult castaway who discovered the truth the first time she plugged into a Gibson Flying V and cranked up a vintage Marshall amp. bree’s influences ranging from Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Patsy Cline to The Beatles, The Who, The Clash and The Ramones. In short, bree has carved out her own slice of the rock n roll pie.

Dave and Korey talked to bree to find out what more about this Nashville Sensation. The guys discovered her at a RAW Nashville Show and were blown away.   In this interview the guys hit the following topics:

Moving from from California to Nashville
Why she chose Nashville over LA
Growing up as a Part of A Cult
Her Love for Oldies Rock N Roll
Her “real” upbringing
Winning Musician of the Year at Raw Nashville
Playing a Gibson Flying V Guitar
Her Recording and Writing Style
The Nashville Music Scene
Is it more difficult being a Female Rocker?

Her album All American Girl comes out June 18th 2013 and you can preorder it now through iTunes. Also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and at

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